Discovery Cup

Discovery Cup Field Manager Instructions

The Field Manager is responsible for ensuring that the game is covered from start to finish.

Equipment Set Up
The fields will be set up for each field. Report any problem to tournament headquarters – Channel 1 on your radio.

Pre-Game – Headquarters - 30-45 minutes before 1st Game
If your game is the 1st game of the day, report to the WHITE Tournament Headquarters located on the East side of the Stadium, (above fields 8-10). The Field Manager will pick up the scorebook, identification apparel (pinnie) and radio.

Please WEAR the pinnie during the game so we can identify you.

Pre-Game – Field - 15 minutes before 1st Game
Check tournament approved roster. Report any problems to Headquarters.

Game Time
The HOME team will provide their official Discovery Cup logoed game ball to referee for the match. NO other balls are permitted for use.  EVERY team will be given an official Discovery Cup logoed game ball at Registration.

During Game
Ensure that players and spectators take opposite sides of the field. Each team is permitted three (3) team officials on the players’ side of the field.

If there is an injury, please summons a trainer on your radio. DO NOT CALL FOR AN AMBULANCE. The trainers will handle ALL injuries and will be available at each cluster of fields.

Report all accidents immediately to headquarters via radios. Use Channel 1 to report accidents or to
communicate with Headquarters.

Have referees complete score sheet in its entirety (located in field scorebook) – list scores and all red/yellow cards. Referees, team coaches and field manager must sign score sheet where indicated.

Report scores to headquarters at the completion of each match, but no later than 15 minutes after the game’s end. Provide field number, game number/time, teams and scores, red/yellow cards. Use Channel 2 to report scores.

Give the scorebook, pinnie and radio to the NEXT Field Manager.

Be sure teams collect trash from field and site area.

Post Last-Game – Headquarters – 30 minutes after last game on field
After the last game at each field, return scorebook, pinnie and radio to the Tournament Headquarters tent. Field Managers are responsible to ensure that the radio for their field is returned…any lost radios will be charged to the team.

Miscellaneous Items
Provide assistance whenever possible. Refer to the Tournament Rules if necessary (in binder). Any weather issues will be determined by the SoccerPlex for resolution.

Thank you!!


Weather Notifications