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Adventist HealthCare Discovery Cup

2019 Discovery Cup Guest Players

No team may have more than 5 guest (or loan) players.

For US Club Teams ONLY:

  • A copy of each US Club Player Pass for guest (or loan) players (front & back must be copied)

For US Youth Soccer Team ONLY:

  • A copy of each USYS Player Pass for guest (or loan) players

All other relevant registration materials listed in the team-check in the section must also be provided for EACH guest (or loan) player.

The following are the maximum roster size per age groups:

U09 – U10 (7v7) – 14 players
U11-U12 (9v9) – 16 players

U13 - U19 (11v11) - 22 Players, but only 18 may dress for any given game.

How do I add a guest player?

Step 1: Obtain the guest players current player card and medical release form

Step 2: Photocopy your original roster. Please handwrite the guest player’s full name, unique jersey number, player identification number and birthday below the bottom of the existing rostered players.

Step 3: Fill out the Loan Player form listed above

Note: US Club Soccer teams may only take guest players registered under US Club Soccer, and USYS teams may only take guest players registered with properly stamped USYS player pass cards. No roster may be comprised of players with different passes from different organizations (no “mixed rosters”).

See Tournament Rules for club pass players - U9-U12 age groups


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