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Discovery Cup

Here are all the necessary forms for Discovery Cup:

  1. Team information sheet - (< Click)  
  2. (Click >) Loan player form (only if using guest players) - one form per team 

Medical Release Forms

All players must have a medical release form.  This form is traditionally something that all clubs require for the duration of a season, and as such your club's medical release form will suffice for this tournament.

The coach and/or team manager must have these forms with them for the duration of the tournament.

The medical release forms DO NOT need to be submitted with your registration paperwork upon check-in.

IF and ONLY IF you do not have a medical release form from your club please fill out this one - CLICK HERE - and keep it with you for the duration of the tournament.

Additional Documentation to Submit

ALL teams must submit a USYS or US Club certified roster.

ALL teams must submit USYS or US Club cards - NO MIXED ROSTERS (USYSA with US Club) will be accepted.

Permission to Host Form